Enjoy a Musical Walk with Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music is life itself. Do you want to enjoy this life with a friend? But you must have been facing the problem of carrying a large speaker around. Try our Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker. With this versatile speaker, those problems will never be the hurdles anymore. You can listen to music everywhere with anyone.

The best thing about this mini device is that its size does not compromise sound quality. The 5W of output power with a frequency range between 200Hz and 15 kHz will give you fantastic sound. It can get quite loud if you want to bring on party scenes.

The APS plastic construction ensures its durability and the long run. It is designed to withstand serious physical impacts. If you are a music enthusiast, this speaker is all you need for the outdoors, as long as you keep it away from water.

This is a compact size speaker that easily fits in the pocket. Moreover, the addition of a special hole on the top of the speaker is excellent for carabiners. This amazing speaker features Bluetooth 3.0 technology, making it highly compatible with many mobiles. It can transmit signals in the range of 82 feet. Congratulations, you have got the freedom to move around or dance.

This compact-sized speaker is a treat for music enthusiasts. If you have any friend who likes listening to music on a speaker while walking, it would be a great gift to consider. The speaker works faithfully to bring you joy in every walk.

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